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Syracuse NY Premier Tattoo & Piercing Studio Serving CNY

Scarab Body Art Studio offers custom tattoos, body piercings, body jewelry, massage therapy, henna & scarification.

Located in Armory Square, Syracuse, NY, Scarab Body Art Studio is a premier body art studio serving all of Central New York with high quality piercings, fine body jewelry, custom tattoos, detailed scarification, and licensed massage therapy. Let us help you express yourself and your unique personality. Since its establishment in 2001, Scarab Body Art has been the only studio in Syracuse, NY that strictly uses implant-grade materials for body piercing. We are also the only ones offering scarification! Call our tattoo artists and massage therapists today at 315-473-9383 to learn more!

Our Artists

Scarab Body Art Studio has three custom tattoo artists, each with their own unique style. You will be amazed at what they have to offer! Make an appointment with any one of them to set up a consultation for your next tattoo.

Nik Moore

Call Nik today for your Custom Tattoo. Nik Prefers Japanese pieces, solid black work, and pieces involving zombies, robots, and mutants
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Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 12pm-8pm by appointment only.

Jamie Santos

Jamie prefers doing large, colorful pieces, but is more than happy to help you come up with whatever you are looking for.

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm-9pm by appointment only.


Sean Morgan

Sean started his apprenticeship with us in early 2010. While he is still young he is an exceptional artist. Facebook

Hours: Sunday 12pm-6pm
Monday 12pm-9pm
Thursday to Saturday 12pm-9pm

At Scarab Body Art Studio in Central NY, you can expect a safe, comfortable and clean environment along with friendly tattoo artists. Our artists are experienced in what they do. Two of them have more than 15 years of experience each, and our other artists have 3 to 7 years of experience each.

The Meaning Behind The Scarab

The scarab beetle was once considered magical and an important part of ancient Egyptian life. The early Egyptians thought that scarab beetles pushed the sun across the sky and carried the solar system on their backs. As a result, the scarab beetle came to represent strength and power and was closely associated with the Egyptian sun god.

Cycles and changes are associated with the scarab beetle because of its relationship with the sun god and the process of sunrise and sunset. It is a symbol of positive change, along with good fortune, personal growth, good health, creativity, strength, and prosperity.

At Scarab Body Art Studio in Syracuse, NY, everything that the scarab beetle represented to ancient Egyptians is represented in our studio. You are starting a journey when you walk through our doors, and our job is to make it safe and enjoyable! Whether you are interested in a belly piercing, custom tattoo, henna, massage therapy, scarification or ear piercing, stop by our shop today.

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Call us at 315-473-9383 for more information about our custom tattoos and other detailed work!